Friday, June 10, 2011

Caitlyn's Easter Dress - Now on Facebook!

(photo used with permission of Hoffman California Fabrics)

This is the dress I made for Caitlyn for Easter this year - my first sewn garment! I used Butterick pattern #B4434. I made dress version 'B' and left off the front bow. The fabric is Hoffman Bali Batiks, sku #F2040 - the bodice and topskirt are in #74-Mint and the underskirt is in #438-Crocus. Here is Hoffman's Facebook page, and here is their website.

It was a very random series of events that led to this picture on Facebook. On occasion, my mother-in-law takes Robert & Caitlyn for an overnight visit, and we meet in the Olde Ridge Village Shoppes parking lot (conveniently where the Quilter's Corner and A Garden of Yarn are located). The wonderful ladies at Quilter's Corner helped me pick out this fabric, so I took the dress in after Easter to show them how it turned out. It just so happened that the sales rep for Hoffman was meeting with the manager that day, and they were both there when I stopped by. They both saw the dress and loved it, and I showed them my cell phone picture of Caitlyn wearing the dress. The sales rep, Debbie, asked me to email her the picture so she could forward it to Hoffman, which I did. A few days later, Michelle from Hoffman contacted me to find out what pattern I used, and asked me if she could not only post the pictures on their Facebook and Twitter pages, but send it out to their other sales reps!

The lesson here: Always take your finished pieces back to where you purchased the materials for show and tell. You never know who's going to be there to see them!

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