Friday, March 23, 2012

FO Friday - Want to play a matching game?

The kids really aren't feeling preschool today, and who could blame them with the gorgeous weather we're having! I decided to let them take a break and do a quick post about my new FO. "Want to play a matching game?" is what Robert says every time he pulls out the bin, so I thought it was a fitting title.

This is a felt and fabric memory game based on this tutorial over at the purl bee. I only made half as many cards as the tutorial because 1)I wanted to finish them this year and 2)I didn't grab enough felt sheets and was too cheap to buy more when they weren't on sale and too impatient to wait for them to go on sale again.

Other than that, I followed the directions as written. For some reason, I can't get either of my sewing machines to do zig-zag stitches, so I just did straight stitches around the frames. The fabric all came from my 2.5" scrap basket. It makes me happy that each piece is either from a quilt I'm making or clothes I've made for the kids. The two center pairs (monkeys and letters) are flannel from pajamas, the trucks are from a quilt top for Robert, the orange butterflies are from Caitlyn's patchwork skirt, the Pooh is from Sebastian's quilt, and the others are from a 36-patch quilt from crazy mom quilts that I'm working on. I'm thinking about adding more squares, but we'll see.

Here's an action shot:
Robert was realigning my pairs. :) I'm really happy that both Robert and Caitlyn use and enjoy this game. We had a traditional memory game with cardboard pieces, but for some reason the kids were nibbling at the corners. I thought using the felt pieces would put an end to that.

Caitlyn actually just climbed in my lap and said "Oh, matching game" when she saw these pictures. :)

And now the kids are swarming me, so it's time for some story time and then maybe some outside playtime. They haven't been napping recently, so it's really cutting into my craft time! If I can make encourage them to run around outside, maybe it'll wear them out enough to nap...wishful thinking, I'm sure!

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Sara said...

very great learning game!! Good job!

Paskiaq said...

Love it! Adding that to my "to do" list!