Friday, May 20, 2011

New Look, New Design, New Addition!

Welcome to the redesigned Domestic Knitter Designs! I finally got my first pattern published and up for sale on Ravelry (it's also in the sidebar - you should check it out), and my technical advisor/general document publishing guru, Kristin, redesigned the blog to promote my new designs. I have a new design that is almost ready for release, and plenty more to follow - so stay tuned!

For the most part, I intend to focus on children's garments (infant/toddler sizes), mainly for boys. I have both a son and a daughter (who are going to be 2 next month - yikes!) and another boy on the way, and I find it so much easier to find cute knitting patterns for my daughter. I'm really not a fan of intarsia animals or cars, or other cutesy designs for boys - but I love cables and little boys in sweater vests. My goal is to design classic, possibly even preppy, sweaters and vests for boys. I can't neglect the girls though, so there will also be sweaters and cardigans for them. Along the way, there will be more accessories - purses, shawls and such - and maybe even an adult garment here and there, depending on what's inspiring me at the moment.

I'm really excited about this new chapter in my knitting life, and I promise to keep this blog more up-to-date! Although I recently started teaching myself how to sew, so now I have one more thing to juggle during naptime. I actually just finished an adorable skirt for C, which I hope to get pictures of and some point... So many hobbies, so little time. I miss the days when I could replace sleep time with knitting time, but whether it's being pregnant again or having two toddlers to chase all day (or both), by the time bedtime rolls around I am exhausted! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new look and keep checking back for new updates!

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Meg Roke said...

Cute new pattern! I look forward to seeing future designs from you. I have a feeling you're going to be a huge success!