Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WIP Wednesday - Sea of Dreams Blanket

I apologize for my absence last week! My twins turned two over the weekend, so between all of the last-minute party details and out-of-town visitors, I didn't get a chance to blog. It's amazing how, no matter how small and uncomplicated you try to make a kids' birthday party, there's always so much that needs to be done. So to make it up to you, here is a picture from the party. :)

Now on to the knitting! This week's WIP (that I can show you) is the Sea of Dreams baby blanket. It took me a little to figure out where I was in the chart, since it'd been so long since I'd worked on it, but it's coming back with no problem. I really like this pattern - I love the knit hem, and although I normally loathe seed stitch, there's just enough to make it pretty. Plus, the center chart is beautiful. I can't wait to see this finished! I'm not sure who it's for yet, though. The yarn is basic Bernat Softee Baby - I think I'm making the second size...I have two skeins, so we'll see how far I get. :)

Here is a closeup of the hem, eyelet and seed stitch edging:

That's all for tonight - up next, a finished object!

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