Friday, July 15, 2011

Boheme Sans Buttons

It almost counts as a FO Friday :) I finished Caitlyn's Boheme except for the buttons. I checked JoAnn's, but couldn't find anything I liked. Because of the density of the garter stitch, I think a shaft button will work better than a flat button, and I think I'd like to match one of the purples instead of going with a basic metal button. There were a few at my LYS that I saw last weekend that I think will work, it's just a matter of getting back there with the sweater. I was going to go on Wednesday so I could have a fully finished sweater to show you - but my husband's car conveniently got a flat tire, so I was rendered car and carseat-less! So here is a picture, that I promise I'll update once I find the right buttons:

Boheme (Ravelry link)

Yarn used: Patons Soy Wool Stripes, about 2.5 balls of Natural Raisin. Sadly, it looks like this yarn's been discontinued.

I liked working with this yarn., although it shed a little more than I expected. I didn't notice much bleeding when I soaked it, but there was some the first time and practically none the second time. Yes, I blocked this twice. :) When I tried it on Caitlyn after the first blocking, it was huge! The second time, I pretty much only pinned out the picots and let the rest dry as it was. I think if I made this again (which I'm tempted to do, although I don't really know a girl for it yet), I would skip the picot bind off and just do a few rows of garter stitch. My picots always want to flip up at the bottom, no matter how loosely I bind off or how severely I block them.

The other thing that makes me happy about this sweater is how nicely the stripes match up from side to side. It's a little thing, but it drives me crazy when stripes don't line up, or even worse, are purposely asymmetrical! Everyone has little things that bugs them, and that's one of mine. :)

I've still got the baby blanket in progress, and I'm swatching for two new things. I think I'm going to make this for Robert for the fall, and possibly make one for the new baby as well. I have delusions of the two boys wearing matching sweaters for their Christmas photos, with Caitlyn in a complementing but different sweater. Delusions. I'm also swatching for another new design, and really enjoying the way the pattern looks in the yarn.

Have a great weekend!

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