Friday, July 22, 2011

Cotton Clutch at the Fair!

As a fairly new designer, I get really excited when people contact me about my patterns. It's nice to feel validated and to hear that the ideas in my head really do have merit (and a market). Plus, it's fun to see what other knitters are up to. Recently, a purchaser of the Cotton Cable Clutch reported that she was so pleased with the result, she was considering entering her purse in her local county fair, which I thought was a great idea! Well, the results are in - She won Second Place! I am thrilled!

Lesson here: If you buy a pattern from an independent designer, it's a nice gesture to contact them and tell them what you thought about the design - especially if it wins a prize! I read a lot of knitting blogs written by designers, and I've often been too intimidated to comment on posts or contact them. But now that I'm on the other side, I realize that they're just regular people too. And who doesn't love a little positive reinforcement in their lives?!

Here's her prize-winning clutch

This is the lining. Isn't it cute?!
I love how she personalized it with the button and loop.

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gowyo said...

Thanks April! It's cool to see my knitting on a blog! Keep creating and we will keep knitting :)