Monday, August 22, 2011

Running In Circles

Whew! I'm starting to get that 'scattered' feeling, like I have too many things going on at once! We've been having napping issues here at Chez Domestic Knitter, so that's been cutting into my craft/blog time. I have been able to finish another quilt top though (just don't ask me about the top I need to quilt before its recipient arrives)! Here is my circle quilt top:

I'm pretty happy with it - I really like the strippy border I added. This top really reinforced how important cutting and piecing accuracy are. It's based on this tutorial, and is 41" x 48". Now I just need to find a good backing fabric. I'm thinking about a dark brown with polka dots that pick up on the pinks and greens. I saw something that might work at JoAnn's, but it was white, and I'm not sure that I want to back a quilt with white. I think I'm going to give this one to Caitlyn for Christmas, so I still have some time yet. Did I tell you that I decided to make each child a quilt for Christmas this year? In addition to having two toddlers and a newborn? I think I need my head examined.

Robert is in love with "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" book, so I decided that I'd make him a VHC quilt based on one of the many free patterns out there. I printed out this one and took it to my LQS, where I knew they had the fabric. They also had a sample, so I could see just how big it's really big. We decided that I didn't need to make it the full size, so I'm going to end it at the food fabric strips and do the two borders (omitting the colored squares at the top and bottom). Just as a point of reference, the 64" width is wider than I am tall! So far, I have the two large panels and the fabric to border them. I'm going to start there and buy a little bit at a time each time I make it out to the store. I'll let you see how it's going.

So, I've got Sebastian's Pooh quilt that needs to be re-sandwiched and quilted, Caitlyn's circle quilt that needs backing, batting, sandwiched and quilted, and Robert's VHC quilt that needs to be started. I also started a ridiculously obnoxious quilt top out of some primary color vehicle prints and coordinating solids that will be Sebastian's Christmas quilt...maybe. I'll have to show you that one next, because you can't imagine how obnoxious it is. I had purchased all of the fat quarters together (in a moment of temporary insanity - I must've had the kids with me) and was just waiting for the right way to put them together. All this is totally doable by Christmas, right? Hmm...

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