Friday, September 2, 2011

FO Friday - Procrasti-hats!

I feel like it's been forever since I've had a FO that I could show you! Between the earthquake and hurricane we on the East Coast had to deal with last week, I needed something quick and easy. Plus, I still can't bring myself to finish the last little bit on Sebastian's sweater (Yes, I dislike finishing so much that I'd rather start a new project. This is why I have a tote of projects that just need to be put together). I finished one of these hats in a couple of days and still had 1.5 balls left over, so I decided to make a second one.

Pattern: Brattleboro Hat from "New England Knits" (Ravelry link)

Yarn: Patons Angora Bamboo, about 2.75 balls. I had 3 balls of this in my stash that I picked up on a whim and never figured out what to do with.

Buttons: From JoAnn's! They're a little smaller than the pattern calls for, but since this yarn has more drape than the Malabrigo used in the pattern, I didn't want to stretch the buttonholes with too-big buttons. Plus, they're sparkly and match perfectly!

I'm not quite sure who these are going to be for. I think I have a recipient in mind for one of them, so I'll probably put the other one in the gift tote until I need it. Of course, I guess I could always change the buttons and let my son have it :) Surprisingly, my daughter who loves to wear hats wanted nothing to do with modeling this one for me.

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Meg Roke said...

So funny that you made this! I just finished the same hat this week too!