Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sew Frustrated!

First, I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday weekend! We had a relaxing and productive weekend - no parties or fireworks, but there was grilling and a parade and playing in mud. Robert & Caitlyn didn't like the inflatable sprinkler ball, but they loved the mud that the sprinkler produced. :)

On the sewing front, I was making such good progress on my two quilt WIPs when I started to notice that my thread tension was looking a little off. My bobbin thread isn't being pulled up into the fabric, and I'm getting tiny little pop-throughs of my top thread. From the research I've been doing, I determined that my bobbin thread was probably too loose...or my top thread was too tight...or the top thread wasn't threaded properly...or, or, or. So I think I've tried every combination of remedies, with no success. I adjusted the bobbin tension, changed out the bobbin, changed out the bobbin holder (I have an old Kenmore with a vertical bobbin), changed my needle, rethreaded my top thread multiple times, and tried pretty much every combination of tensions between top & bobbin. I give up! So now I have to see if the sewing/vacuum place nearby works on Kenmores, and figure out how and when I can take the machine in. It needs a tune-up anyway - it was generously given to me by a friend at church, but I don't know when she had it serviced last, and I've never had it serviced, so it's time. But it's heavy (-ish, it wouldn't be so heavy if I weren't so pregnant), and I either have to wait until the weekend when my husband can go with me or try to juggle my sewing machine and my double stroller. Waah.

Overall, it's not that big of a deal, it's just frustrating. I still have plenty to do, knitting-wise and trying to get my house ready for the new baby. It's just nice to have my sewing machine available as another distraction. On the positive side, I'm almost done with the sample for my newest design and I hope to have it available within the next two weeks. I know I've been saying that for a while, but we ran into a snag with the sample versus the revised pattern, so I had to knit a second version. I promise it's coming soon! :)

ETA: In a cruel display of irony, my new walking foot arrived today.

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