Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Dress!

So much for posting regularly, huh? I'm sorry! Robert & Caitlyn have been on a semi-nap-strike. Some days they'll nap well, some days only one of them will nap, some days they'll nap at different times, and some days they won't nap at all. Then I have to work Sebastian's day around that! I feel like I just need one more hour in the day to get everything done...still working on how to fit that in. ;)
I did, however, manage to get Caitlyn's Easter dress and matching hat sewn - before Easter morning!

I'm really happy with how this turned out. I had originally bought the entire yardage called for in the aqua fabric. When I got home, I thought maybe it would be too much aqua, so I raided my stash and found this pink floral that coordinated well. I'm still working on my confidence when it comes to mixing and matching colors and patterns, so the fact that this looks nice is a good boost.

This was also my first hat! I had the idea to make it reversible when I was cutting the pieces, and I'm so glad I did it that way. The pattern called for a grosgrain ribbon on the side that's showing in the above picture to hide the raw edges. I went to JoAnn's, but couldn't find either a ribbon or bias tape that matched either main color. I was stumped and talked to one of the employees, who suggested using a strip of the contrast fabric. Duh!!

Pattern: Simplicity 5695 view A and hat G. I made the dress in size 2, knowing it would be a little big (the size 2 chest measurement is 21" which gives her close to 2" ease), but she needs it for the length and this way she should be able to wear it through the summer. For the hat, I chose the 'large' size, since Robert & Caitlyn have always had slightly larger than average heads. Surprisingly, it's big - I probably could've gotten away with the medium - but at least this way she should be able to wear the hat as long as the dress.
Fabric: From JoAnn's. I think it's part of the Keepsake Collection, but I couldn't find it online. The pink was gifted to me.

Overall, this was really easy to put together. I can definitely see myself making at least one more of these for her. I love this version with each tier a different print, so maybe I'll get brave and try that. I also discovered as I was piecing this together that if I just use the bodice and top two gathered tiers, it should make a cute little peasant top, so I might try that too.

How was your Easter or Passover holiday? This picture sums up our Easter morning, and this wasn't due to sugar crashes:

Silly mommy, trying to take a group picture after church!
Thankfully, after lunch and naps, the rest of the day was better.

I have a pile of fabric that I've ordered waiting to be ironed and sewn up, and hopefully I'll have some more finished projects to share with you soon. Maybe one of these days I'll even get back to knitting and finish one of those projects! I read this post by the Yarn Harlot recently, and that's pretty much how I feel, although I don't know if my inner knitter wears black fingernail polish. Right now, I'm enjoying my fling with fabric, but I know eventually I'll make my way back to my yarn and needles (and sketch pad and pattern-writing, but that's a whole other time commitment).

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Mrs. D said...

A darling dress! The fabrics work beautifully together.

April said...

Thank you so much!